Hotel front office desk with a bell

Front Office Department

The hotel front office department is responsible for managing the front desk and reception area of a hotel. This includes tasks such as checking guests in and out, answering phone calls and inquiries, and handling reservations and cancellations.

The front office department is often the first point of contact for guests, and as such, it plays a key role in creating a positive guest experience.

In addition to these customer-facing tasks, the front office department may also be responsible for managing room assignments, handling guest requests and complaints, and maintaining accurate records of guest stays.

The front office may also handle various administrative tasks, such as processing payments, managing the hotel’s reservation system, and preparing reports for management.

Overall, the goal of the front office department is to provide efficient and friendly service to guests, while also supporting the smooth operation of the hotel as a whole.

Hotel Front Office SOPs & Training Documents

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