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No, we do not provide free SOPs on our website or upon request. Our commitment lies in providing quality products and we invest significant time and resources to create, update and secure our website and catalog. While many free Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are available online, we aim to offer a different standard of products. However, we provide a wide range of individual SOPs at a reasonable price, allowing individuals to order one or a few documents to assess if our offerings meet their expectations and requirements.

Our primary focus is on providing standardized training tools to professionals in the hotel sector. We operate on a fixed offer at a fixed price and do not offer personalized, tailor-made plans. If you require a customized training plan tailored to the specific needs of your hotel, we recommend reaching out to service provider companies that specialize in creating personalized hotel team training plans. These experts can offer you a solution tailored to your requirements, although the pricing structure may differ significantly from ours.

While we provide both manuals and individual documents, including SOPs that are part of these manuals, ordering all documents at once, especially in a single click, can be a complex process. To cover most of the documents available on our website, we recommend selecting all the available manuals along with the general managers’ documents. However, we advise individuals to consider ordering a few individual documents first to ensure that our offerings align with their requirements and expectations before making a substantial investment. This approach allows¬†to assess the suitability of our content for your needs before committing to a larger purchase.¬†

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