Hotel Cleaning Practices

Hotel Cleaning Practices

Understand the various types of cleaning, guest room cleaning methodologies and the fundamental principles that hotels employ to ensure a welcoming and hygienic environment for their guests.

In the dynamic world of hospitality, maintaining cleanliness is paramount to guest satisfaction and the overall reputation of a hotel. Cleaning procedures are diverse, ranging from routine daily tasks to in-depth, periodic undertakings. This article provides a structured insight into two primary aspects: the types of cleaning and the methodologies employed in guest room cleaning.

Types of Cleaning

In the hotel industry, cleaning is categorized into three main types. Daily cleaning involves routine maintenance of rooms and public areas, while weekly tasks encompass activities not necessitated on a daily basis. Periodic or deep cleaning, on the other hand, is a meticulous process typically carried out during low seasons. This segmentation allows hotels to efficiently manage their cleaning schedules and resources.

Guest Room Cleaning Methods

There are four main cleaning methods employed in guest room maintenance.

  1. Orthodox Cleaning: Orthodox cleaning involves completing all tasks in one room before moving on to the next, with an average of 12-20 rooms cleaned during an eight-hour shift.
  2. Block Cleaning: Block cleaning sees employees completing the same task in multiple rooms, forming designated “room sections.”
  3. Team Cleaning: Team cleaning involves collaboration, with two or more individuals working on the same or different tasks. While advantageous in fostering relationships and reducing absenteeism, team cleaning may face challenges related to compatibility and potential disruptions.
  4. Deep Cleaning: Deep cleaning, a pre-scheduled and in-depth process, includes tasks such as window cleaning, spring cleaning, pest control, and more. These methods provide hotels with flexibility in tailoring their cleaning approaches based on operational needs.

Integration of Cleaning Methods

Hotel housekeeping departments often adopt a hybrid approach, strategically blending these cleaning methods to optimize efficiency. While orthodox cleaning ensures a systematic and thorough approach, block cleaning allows for quicker turnover in high-demand periods. Team cleaning, with its collaborative nature, proves effective in handling larger volumes of rooms efficiently.

The inclusion of deep cleaning methods at scheduled intervals ensures a comprehensive and meticulous upkeep of the hotel’s overall cleanliness. This harmonious mix enables hotels to adapt their cleaning strategies to varying demands and maintain a consistently high standard of guest satisfaction.

Principles of Cleaning

Regardless of the method chosen, the principles of cleaning remain consistent. It is imperative to remove all surface soil and obstructions before initiating the cleaning process. Using the least obtrusive and non-disturbing methods, especially during early hours, helps maintain a positive guest experience.

Quick restoration of surfaces to near-perfect conditions is crucial, along with the use of the simplest cleaning methods and mildest cleaning agents. Attention to safety hazards, the prevention of dust and dirt transfer, and swift execution of cleaning tasks contribute to a comprehensive and effective cleaning regimen.


In conclusion, the efficiency and effectiveness of hotel cleaning practices are foundational to the hospitality industry’s success. By understanding the various types of cleaning, implementing guest room cleaning methodologies, and adhering to fundamental cleaning principles, hotels can ensure a welcoming and hygienic environment for their guests.

Striking a balance between routine, periodic, and deep cleaning processes is key to achieving optimal results and upholding the standards expected in the competitive world of hospitality.


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