Hotel General Manager Takeover / Checklist


Hotel General Manager Takeover Checklist For GMs, EAMs, Hotel Managers and Resident Managers

Document Overview: This checklist organizes, by department, the key aspects related to the control and decision-making activities of a hotel’s general manager. It is structured as a series of interviews with each department head, presenting the essential points to address in bullet point format. The checklist goes beyond the takeover process and provides a clear and precise overview of the vital elements that every general manager should be aware of and manage within their property.


Hotel Department: General & Administrative
Who is it for: General Manager
Document Type: Checklist
Content Type / Difficulty : Concise / Intermediate
Involved Skills: Communication, Industry Knowledge, Leadership, Organization, Record Keeping

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Word Count: 2,751
Print Length: 17 Pages
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Language: English
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