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Public Area Cleaning – SOP Manual


Hotel Housekeeping, Public Area Cleaning SOP Manual for Executive Housekeepers and Housekeeping Managers

Document Overview
The Public Area Cleaning SOP Manual, designed for hotel’s Housekeeping department, provides directions and a general overview of the tasks ranging from pre-shift preparations to cleaning various areas such as the hotel entrance, lobby, corridors, elevators, public restrooms, and more. This manual is brief and concise in its level of detail and basic in its difficulty, enabling newly hired staff to quickly understand their responsibilities and maintain sanitation and cleaning standards.

It includes 16 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), presented in an editable Word (.docx) format, consisting of 2,687 words within 20 pages.

This manual includes the following Housekeeping SOPs:

HSK 022 – Pre-Shift Preparation
HSK 023 – Cleaning the Hotel Entrance
HSK 024 – Cleaning the Lobby and Reception Area
HSK 025 – Cleaning Corridors
HSK 026 – Cleaning Elevators
HSK 027 – Cleaning Public Restrooms
HSK 028 – Cleaning Ceilings
HSK 029 – Cleaning Window Blinds
HSK 030 – Cleaning Walls
HSK 031 – Cleaning Upholstery
HSK 032 – Cleaning Leather Upholstery
HSK 033 – Cleaning Metal Desks and Cabinets
HSK 034 – Polishing Brass and Stainless-Steel Fixtures
HSK 035 – Cleaning Recessed Lights
HSK 036 – Cleaning Mirrors, Picture Frames and Glass
HSK 037 – Cleaning Large Lighting Fixtures

  • Hotel Department: Housekeeping
  • Who is it for: Executive Housekeeper, Housekeeping Manager
  • Document Type: SOP Manual
  • Level of Detail / Difficulty : Brief, Concise / Basic
  • File Format: Word (.docx)
  • Word Count: 2,687
  • Print Length: 20 Pages
  • File Size: 46 KB
  • Language: English
  • Editable: Yes
  • Ready to Print: Yes
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