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Banquet Operations

Hotel Banquet Operations

The hotel banquet division/team is a part of the food and beverage department in a hotel. It is responsible for planning, organizing, and executing events such as weddings, conferences, and other special occasions that take place in the hotel’s banquet spaces.

The banquet division typically includes a team of professionals who work together to ensure that each event is a success. This may include banquet managers, event coordinators, servers, bartenders, and other staff.

The banquet manager is responsible for overseeing the entire banquet operation, including the scheduling and coordination of events, the hiring and training of staff, and the management of the banquet budget. Event coordinators work closely with clients to plan and organize their events, from menu selection to room layout and decor.

The banquet division may also be responsible for providing other services such as audio-visual equipment, lighting, and entertainment.

Overall the Hotel Banquet Division is responsible for managing and executing events, conferences, weddings, and other special occasions that take place in the hotel’s banquet spaces. They work with clients to plan and organize events and ensure that everything runs smoothly. They also provide additional services such as Audio-Visual, lighting and entertainment.

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