Essential Duties of a Hotel Housekeeper

Executive Housekeeper

The Hotel Executive Housekeeper is a senior-level position within the hotel industry, responsible for overseeing and managing the cleanliness and maintenance of various hotel areas such as public spaces, back office areas, staff areas, guest rooms and in some cases guest laundry, hotel linen laundry, and gardening.

To ensure effective operations management, the Executive Housekeeper will oversee and organize the cleaning schedules and procedures of the housekeeping department, ensuring that these procedures are followed by the housekeeping staff to meet the required cleanliness and hygiene standards. They will also develop guidelines and procedures to ensure that the housekeeping department runs efficiently, and provide regular reports to the General Manager, Front Office Manager and Maintenance Manager to communicate the department’s performance and most importantly, an updated view of the work in progress.

The Executive Housekeeper will be responsible for staff organization and performance evaluation management, which includes the development and implementation of work schedules for the housekeeping staff, and conducting regular performance evaluations to ensure staff are meeting the required performance standards. They will also oversee staff training and development to ensure that the team is skilled and equipped to provide top-quality services to guests.

The Executive Housekeeper will also be responsible for managing the departmental budget and financial planning, and overseeing the departmental P&L management. They must ensure that all expenses related to housekeeping operations are within budget and that any necessary adjustments are made to meet financial targets. Additionally, they will oversee vendor and contractor management and manage the department’s inventory, ensuring that housekeeping supplies are adequately stocked.

The Executive Housekeeper will also facilitate inter-departmental communication and cooperation coordination to ensure that housekeeping staff work in harmony with other departments, such as maintenance, front desk, and laundry, to deliver seamless services to guests.

Overall, the Executive Housekeeper will provide effective leadership and mentoring development to the housekeeping staff to ensure teamwork and morale development. They will also handle staff recruitment and termination, ensuring that the department is adequately staffed to deliver quality housekeeping services to guests.

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