Essential Duties of a Hotel Housekeeper

Essential Duties of a Hotel Housekeeper

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What are the crucial duties of a hotel housekeeper, best practices, and their impact on guest satisfaction?

When most people think of a hotel housekeeper, they likely picture someone who simply cleans guest rooms. However, the responsibilities of a hotel housekeeper are far more numerous and varied than many people realize.

Recruitment Responsibilities

To truly understand what a hotel housekeeper does, it’s important to look beyond the obvious tasks and examine the role in more detail. One of the first priorities for a hotel housekeeper is recruitment.

The housekeeping manager and laundry manager play a crucial role in the planning, organizing and staffing of the housekeeping department, and their involvement is crucial for strategic coordination; recruiting the right person for each position is as vital as using proper tools, chemicals, or following schedules to maintain high cleanliness standards throughout the hotel.

Until these positions are filled, the executive housekeeper must bear the full responsibility for these functions. As such, it’s important to specify the qualifications of these managers as soon as possible so that recruitment efforts can begin.

Division of Work

Another crucial aspect of a hotel housekeeper’s role is to identify the work that needs to be accomplished throughout the property. This identification is essential for effective task allocation and planning.

Hotel Housekeepers typically conduct daily tours of the hotel, systematically assessing each area to determine specific cleaning and maintenance requirements. This proactive approach ensures that the housekeeping department operates efficiently, addressing tasks promptly and maintaining a consistently high standard of cleanliness throughout the entire property.

Division of Work Areas

The executive housekeeper should make daily tours of the hotel and draw up cleaning schedules, task lists, or housekeeping plans. These documente list the cleaning and maintenance requirements for each area of the hotel, including:

  • guestrooms
  • public areas
  • recreation areas
  • restaurants
  • lounges
  • meeting rooms
  • banquet and ballrooms
  • kitchen areas
  • employee areas
  • offices
  • maintenance shops
  • building exterior
  • landscaping
  • lighting
  • laundry and other areas.

Responsibilities Beyond Guest Rooms

Once completed, the executive housekeeper presents this document to the executive committee for review, highlighting any unusual cleaning requirements and making recommendations for who should be responsible for each area. In some cases, the responsibilities of a hotel housekeeper may extend beyond just guest rooms and public areas.

For example, they may be responsible for nightly cleaning of kitchens, after-event ballroom cleaning and swimming pool maintenance. This additional workload must be taken into consideration when allocating funds and staff and trade-offs may be necessary. If the housekeeping department is expected to clean areas outside of the rooms department, such as kitchens or banquet spaces, then adequate budgetary compensation and personnel must be provided.

Common Hotel Housekeeper Duties

The most common duties that a hotel housekeeper may be responsible for include:

  • Cleaning and Stocking Guest Rooms
  • Dusting and Vacuuming
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing Bathrooms
  • Maintaining the Cleanliness of Public Spaces
  • Responding to Guest Requests
  • Monitoring and Maintaining Adequate Levels of Supplies
  • Assisting in Laundry and Linen Services
  • Assisting in the Maintenance of Hotel Grounds and Outdoor Spaces
  • Nightly Cleaning of Kitchen Areas
  • Banquet and Ballroom Cleaning
  • Swimming Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Assistance
  • Employee Cafeteria Cleaning


These are just a few examples of the duties a hotel housekeeper may be responsible for, and the specific duties may vary depending on the size and type of hotel. In conclusion, the duties of a hotel housekeeper are numerous, varied and essential to the overall success of a hotel operation. Understanding these duties is important for any General Manager or executive who wants to ensure that their hotel is providing top-notch services to its guests. By being aware of the key responsibilities and working closely with other departments, a hotel housekeeper can play a critical role in the success of the hotel.



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