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Covid-19 Hygiene Guidelines & Precautions for Restaurants – Training


An eight-page presentation / training in Word format on the management of Covid-19 in restaurant kitchens.


  1. How is COVID-19 (Coronavirus) transmitted?
  2. Is COVID-19 transmitted through food?
  3. Hygiene practices for kitchen / service staff
    1. General Hygienic Rules
    2. Wash
      1. Hand washing
      2. Washing of utensils
      3. Cleaning and disinfection of surfaces
      4. Cleaning and disinfection of raw food
      5. How do we disinfect raw food
      6. Is it necessary to disinfect food containers
      7. What happens to food that is commercialized without packaging and cannot be disinfected with water ?
    3. Organize
    4. Heat
    5. Cool
  4. What should we do to start working after quarantine?
    1. Restore Confidence
    2. Improve Hygiene during work


Department : Food & Beverage, Restaurant Service, Bar Service, Kitchen Operation
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