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Covid-19 Hygiene Guidelines & Precautions for Restaurants – Training


An eight-page presentation / training in Word format on the management of Covid-19 in restaurant kitchens.

The “Covid-19 Hygiene Guidelines & Precautions for Restaurants” manual is a short and comprehensive guide, 8 pages long, on how to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in a restaurant.

It covers topics such as how the virus is transmitted, hygiene practices for kitchen and service staff, general hygienic rules, and guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, utensils, and raw food.

The manual also includes instructions on how to restore confidence and improve hygiene during work after a quarantine period, as well as tips for handling food that cannot be disinfected with water.


Department : Food & Beverage, Banquet Operations, Restaurant Service, Bar Service, Kitchen Operation
Who is it for: Director of Food & Beverage, Food & Beverage Manager, Executive Chef, Restaurant Manager, Bar Manager
Document Type: Training / Manual
Content Type / Difficulty: Simple
Involved Skills: Organization, Infection Control, Compliance, Sanitation Planning, Food safety
File Size : 45.2 KB
File Format: Word (.docx)
Print Length: 08 Pages
Content: Intermediate
Language: English
Editable: Yes
Ready to Print: Yes

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