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Bar Service – Operations Manual


This Pack includes the Training Guides and SOPs below listed:

Document Overview: This Bar Service Operations Manual equips staff with comprehensive knowledge on glassware, beer, wine, whiskey, and liquor, as well as drink preparation. This manual includes a glossary, cocktail list, instructions on serving, a bar opening checklist, stock management, cleaning guidelines and more, ensuring staff can provide an excellent service to guests.

This Pack includes the Training Guides and SOPs below listed:

FNB 028 – Glassware Knowledge
FNB 029 – Beer Knowledge
FNB 030 – Wine Knowledge
FNB 031 – Whiskey and Liquors Knowledge
FNB 032 – Drinks Preparation Glossary
FNB 033 – Drinks Preparation
FNB 034 – Generic Cocktail List
FNB 035 – Serving Drinks (General)
FNB 036 – Serving Beers
FNB 037 – Serving Soft Drinks & Fruit Juices
FNB 038 – Serving Champagne
FNB 039 – Bar Daily Opening Checklist
FNB 040 – Par Stock
FNB 041 – Spoilage, Spillage, and Breakage Recording
FNB 042 – Stock Rotation (FIFO)
FNB 043 – Stocking (Bar) Refrigerators
FNB 044 – Stocking Ice
FNB 045 – Cleaning During Service
FNB 046 – Equipment & Tool’s Cleaning


Department : Food & BeverageBar Service
Who is it for: Director of Food & Beverage, Food & Beverage Manager, Bar Manager
Document Type: SOP, Training Guide, Glossary, Checklist, Recipes
Content Type / Difficulty: Simple, Intermediate
Involved Skills: Beer Knowledge, Guest Service, Inventory Management, Mixology, Sanitation, Storage Management, Whiskey and Liquors Knowledge, Wine Knowledge

File Format: Word (.docx)
Word Count: 11,392
Print Length: 56 Pages
File Size: 87 KB

Language: English
Editable: Yes
Ready to Print: Yes

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