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Ready to use online hospitality training & SOP | By Hoteliers, For Hoteliers

We bring efficient, affordable, job-relevant and ready-to-use online standard hospitality training documents to individuals and organizations worldwide.

For Hoteliers

Broaden your knowledge, be recognized by your peers, advance your job.

For Managers / Heads of Departments

Foster a learning culture in your department and up-skill your team.

For Operators

Implement a strong operational system and support ongoing financial returns.

Learn new knowledge and skills in a variety of ways, from standard operating procedures and activity record to specific skills training and report format. Access hospitality training document and materials to unlock potentials, practice and demonstrate your and your team knowledge without the barrier of high cost or location.

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We strive to help Hoteliers organize staff roles and develop employees, provide leadership to attract new hires and maintain a stable and motivating work environment.

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Why Using Online Training Resources ?

Planning flexibility

For many already working professionals, the main advantage of e-learning is the flexibility of schedules. All of our resources allow us to start a study, or set up standards immediately.

Lower cost

Diplomas and certificates obtained on campus are excellent and are required to reach certain levels of management, but the cost of such teaching is very high, while online courses or training materials allow one to focus on particular subject / topic, at a lower cost, a cost which is also easily anticipated.

Geographical flexibility

Another advantage of online education related to flexibility relates to the geographic location of the hotel workers. Learners do not have to relocate to attend school since they can study from any location without having to terminate their jobs.

Career Development

Online training provides a wealth of information for anyone wishing to learn and know more. General Managers and head of departments are constantly looking for dynamic team members, able to adapt, be efficient and improve. Employees demonstrating in the field that they have acquired, understand and apply more than basic skills, are much more likely to be brought to light.


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